I have never been a lawmaker, but am seized by nostalgia now that India’s Parliament Complex is set to go, replaced by another. A parliamentary correspondent for long, I am aware I[...]
The first institute of Islamic Madrassa education was at the estate of Hazrat Zaid bin Arkam near a hill called Safa in Makkah, where Prophet Muhammad was the teacher and the stude[...]
Call it foolhardy, but I am writing on a subject I have never been good at. This is dedicated to those who excel in mathematics. How come India has produced more Nobel economists a[...]
Mr Jaswant Singh, who passed away last week was nine-term lawmaker, a perceptive and an efficient minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government and above all, a good man. All Mem[...]
The momentous decision of the Odisha cabinet presided over by Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik on 2nd September 2020 to persuasively seek Union Government’s recognition of Odissi[...]
Many contributed to Bangladesh’s Liberation War effort in 1971. Then prime minister Indira Gandhi, of course, led India to victory and fought off hostile foreign powers. Former Wes[...]
It is heartening to see some of the states have found a way to provide relief to young examinees of the JEE and NEFT following the Centre’s decision upheld by the Supreme Court by [...]
The Commonwealth Journalists Association mourns the demise of former President of India, HE Pranab Kumar Mukherjee. He passed away at 84, on the evening of August 31[...]
Born to a family of barrister on 20 Jun, 1917 in a non-descript town of Magwe in central Burma (Myanmar), Dr. Siva Rama Krishna Iyer Padmavati blazed a trail till her very last bre[...]
At the southern tip of Mumbai, a ship, unconventionally built with cement and concrete, sits lonely, wafted by the Arabian Sea waves, anxiously awaiting its officers and cadets kep[...]