Operation Deception One of the best kept secret of the 1971 war was the fact that India laid out an elaborate deception game to beguile the enemy into believing that its war aim wa[...]
Among the many things small and big that govern India-Pakistan relationship there is one that can be called “why-not-me” aspirations. Whatever one wants, the other disputes it and [...]
A recent 2019-2020 Arab Opinion survey conducted by Doha-based Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies has bought out some revealing perceptions of the Arab citizens. The surve[...]
An average Indian is not used to being compared, that too, negatively, with a small neighbour. It is considered infra dig (prathsitha se pratikul). In Bangladesh, it has a neighbou[...]
On August 4 thus year, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi issued a new map of their country of which Jammu and Kashmir was the obvious[...]
A thin line always exists within Pakistan’s domestic politics and diplomacy and cultural ties with India, the latter significantly represented by Bollywood, as the Hindi film indus[...]
With nostalgia as its ‘weapon’, Pakistan plans to unleash soft-power warfare on India and Bollywood lovers everywhere as never before. A museum complex is being planned in Peshawar[...]
Pakistan’s film industry going by its media reports, is again facing serious problems and is looking for a way to revive. The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan is looki[...]
Welcoming the August 13 US-brokered peace deal that has already begun the process of “complete normalisation” of relations between Israel and the UAE, India has called the West Asi[...]
A historic dispute between two ASEAN member states, the Philippines and Malaysia, over the Malaysian State of Sabah on Borneo Island has resurfaced amidst the pandemic, potentially[...]