How far and deep into the past can a people go, be it history or mythology popularly perceived as history, to rejuvenate their present that is in turmoil and one that portends a bl[...]
When problems, real or imaginary, some new and some long-neglected, get compounded, they assume the form of a crisis. The only way out is to engage in loud rhetoric, accusing every[...]
The socio-cultural belief that has perpetuated the “Khandan Ki Izzat” concept bandied about across much of South, West and Central Asia continues to take the form of “Karo-Kari”, m[...]
The South China Sea dispute has persisted since last century and it is yet to find a solution. The conflict has its roots in a fight over resources and differences over sovereignty[...]
The Commonwealth has welcomed its 54th family member after Maldives’ application for re-admission was approved. The small island nation officially re-joined the Commonwealth [...]
It is December once again. It is once more the season when we travel back in time to recall the triumph we came by in an epic war for national freedom. In December we recall the sa[...]
Sri Lanka’s Gotabaya Rajakakse has taken over the Sri Lankan presidency after a landslide victory and has paid his first foreign visit to India. This means a new turn in Indi[...]
Kashmir is about Pakistan’s angry campaign at home and abroad to India’s reorganizing Jammu and Kashmir’s territory within its control, ending the entity that is the basis of dispu[...]
Laying and opening the corridor to Kartarpur Sahib, located where Guru Nanak Dev was born 550 years ago and spent last 18 years of his life is the only positive development in Indi[...]
As India and China mark 70 years of establishment of diplomatic relations next year, preparations to hold  as many events in either country to match the occasion have begun. This i[...]