Welcoming the August 13 US-brokered peace deal that has already begun the process of “complete normalisation” of relations between Israel and the UAE, India has called the West Asi[...]
A historic dispute between two ASEAN member states, the Philippines and Malaysia, over the Malaysian State of Sabah on Borneo Island has resurfaced amidst the pandemic, potentially[...]
Last December, after witnessing Bangladesh’s ‘Bijoy Divas’, the day in 1971 Pakistani military had surrendered to Indian and Bangladeshi joint command, I experienced a sad, solemn [...]
Cross-border COVID-19 concerns continue to shape the coverage in sections of Pakistani media dealing with entertainment. So Bollywood and its stars become the top news whatever be [...]
Critics who characterise Pakistan as a nation preoccupied with national security have raised eyebrows at the combative and curious presence of controversial American blogger and tr[...]
Last Sunday’s arrival in New Delhi of 11 Sikhs from Afghanistan marks the beginning of the end of a centuries-old historic process of Hindus and Sikhs moving to and from this India[...]
The government’s move on the temple, some media commentators suggest, is to show Pakistan in a better light in comparison with India,  which is seen as being driven by Hindutva for[...]
How far and deep into the past can a people go, be it history or mythology popularly perceived as history, to rejuvenate their present that is in turmoil and one that portends a bl[...]
When problems, real or imaginary, some new and some long-neglected, get compounded, they assume the form of a crisis. The only way out is to engage in loud rhetoric, accusing every[...]
The socio-cultural belief that has perpetuated the “Khandan Ki Izzat” concept bandied about across much of South, West and Central Asia continues to take the form of “Karo-Kari”, m[...]