Arguably though, tea is India’s national drink. It is consumed in all corners of the country. Making it differs from region to region – even from family to family. A cup of tea that is not to one’s satisfaction can signal a bad beginning of the day! No wonder, Indians consume 70% of the ta they produce.

The tea industry in India accounts for 31% of the global production of tea. India has retained its leadership over the tea industry for the last 150 years. The total turnover of this industry is roughly Rs.10, 000 crores. Since 1947, the tea production in India has increased by 250% and the land are used for production has increased by 40%.

Prestigious brands like Assam and Darjeeling are grown exclusively in India.

Tea is the only industry in India that has its own standard time. Tea gardens in Assam do not follow the Indian Standard Time (IST), which is the time observed throughout India and Sri Lanka. The local time in Assam’s tea gardens, known as “Tea Garden Time” or Bagantime, is an hour ahead of the IST. The system was introduced during British days keeping in mind the early sunrise in this part of the country.

Not to forget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began by selling tea, and is proud of it.

We present here a small photo feature on tea prepared by The Tea Society Called India campaign features photography mavens- Palani Mohan, a Hong Kong based award-winning photographer with a wealth of experience and Rakesh Haridas, whose Instagram feed showcases a truly unique style of photography. These mavens covered the length and breadth of India, right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Meghalaya to Mumbai. Between endless cups of tea, all-nighters and travel secrets, this human interest campaign was spearheaded by Sachin Pillai, a young and dynamic director from the film production company, Epitome.

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