When Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 British rule had been established firmly in India. After the uprising of 1857, India had passed under British tutelage so effectively that he[...]
For India, history is poised to repeat itself in Afghanistan, with prospects that appear to be worse than they were when a government in Kabul it supported collapsed in 1992. By th[...]
Some may think India’s tough diplomatic challenge is dealing with China as it confront on the land border and surrounds it on the sea. Others may think it is finding a worthy place[...]
Founding President of Zambia and a true friend of India, Dr Kenneth Kaunda passed away on June 17 at the age of 97. I was fortunate to have met him on two occasions and would like [...]
When outside powers walk in, however noble their objectives may be, but walk out, leaving a place in a holy mess, people suffer.  Some world events and their anniversaries are intr[...]
The United States’ decision to quit Afghanistan, inevitable as it has been, and assuming that it will be done by the new deadline of September 11 this year, will open a new chapter[...]
Three beautiful women have rocked the world of the British royal family in the past century and more. There are certainly parallels between Wallis Simpson, who married Edward VII, [...]
An interesting Whatsapp message doing the rounds“ Americans recently found out that it’s much easier for them to change presidents in other countries than they can do in their own [...]
It is sad that when India is poised to fight back Covid-19 pandemic with the help of a vaccine it has produced in collaboration with the British, it will not be hosting British Pri[...]
The virtual G20 Summit in Riyadh, which was organised under the direct supervision of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS), was indeed able to showcase the leadership c[...]