A prominent newspaper editor elected to the Lok Sabha routinely joined protests that disrupted proceedings in the House. Asked by a fellow-scribe why he couldn’t be ‘different’, he[...]
Political grace and experience has made Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh to reconcile with Navjot Singh Sidhu, foisted as party chief by an incompetent Hugh command. The lack o[...]
Thirty years ago in 1991, it was on July 24, Dr Manmohan Singh, as the then Finance Minister, presented his first budget in the Lok Sabha, changing the course of the destiny of the[...]
Two Grand Old Parties (GOPs) the democratic world has known are in doldrums. Donald Trump took the Republican Party to its defeat with his narcissist behaviour, inward-looking poli[...]
It was precisely two decades back that Aamir Khan starrer Lagaan raised hopes of an Oscar that were dashed as it lost in the final round. But the film, now one of the classics was,[...]
Yes, PK should be thanked for expediting a decaying-course of political parties  for some years. With his engagement in seven states and with six different parties in less tha[...]
When farmers engaged in the ongoing agitation around Delhi and their supporters passionately recite Sahir Ludhianvi, one realises that the man who modestly called himself pal-[...]
Tuhin Kanti Ghosh, president of the Indian Newspaper Society (1987-88) and Chairman of UNI (1984-86), passed away at his south Calcutta home on Wednesday. He was 73. Well known in [...]
I have never been a lawmaker, but am seized by nostalgia now that India’s Parliament Complex is set to go, replaced by another. A parliamentary correspondent for long, I am aware I[...]
The first institute of Islamic Madrassa education was at the estate of Hazrat Zaid bin Arkam near a hill called Safa in Makkah, where Prophet Muhammad was the teacher and the stude[...]