Rishtey, by Kusum Choppra, is a daring, spunky tri-story anthology, full of life. Setting the tone for the emotional roller-coaster is the very relatable ‘Goa Diaries’ set at an id[...]
Book Summary This book is unlike most books written about the bloodshed and warfare in Afghanistan. In fact, this book starts with the unparalleled bond of love and belonging betwe[...]
The race is against time, both Sri Lanka and Ayodhya: to dig out incontrovertible archaeological proofs of long held claims and beliefs of respective perceptions of strong men: Raa[...]
Jamdani is a fine textile of muslin which originated in Sonargoan, an ancient trading city near Dhaka in today’s Bangladesh. The word Jamdani has been derived from Persian word ‘Ja[...]
Kashmir is in the news these days for reasons right and wrong, and promises to persist for long. Pakistan is most upset with India’s nullifying the special status under Article 370[...]
A long life was lived, adventures, events Births, marriages, failures, triumphs Family and professional. The Life Test slipped by  You never took it. The Test of Loss, Death i[...]