When Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and its alliance partners came to power in 2017 with a huge majority, many hoped that it would be a new b[...]
I was on the left of the road to Dacca with the Infantry while my guns were some 250 metres to the right of the road under a Junior Commissioned Officer. There was a small grove wh[...]
Akhaura having been secured we were then ordered to move towards Brahmanabaria which was some 25 kms North West of our location. We started our advance along the railway track whic[...]
“Gentlemen only God can stop this war from taking place” said Maj Gen Benjamin Franklin Gonsalves, General-Officer-Commanding of the 57th Indian Mountain (Mtn) Division (Div) as he[...]
Those applauding the election of Kamala Harris, the first woman Vice President of the United States would do well to look at South Asia, the region where her mother was born.     T[...]
Operation Deception One of the best kept secret of the 1971 war was the fact that India laid out an elaborate deception game to beguile the enemy into believing that its war aim wa[...]
Among the many things small and big that govern India-Pakistan relationship there is one that can be called “why-not-me” aspirations. Whatever one wants, the other disputes it and [...]
A recent 2019-2020 Arab Opinion survey conducted by Doha-based Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies has bought out some revealing perceptions of the Arab citizens. The surve[...]
An average Indian is not used to being compared, that too, negatively, with a small neighbour. It is considered infra dig (prathsitha se pratikul). In Bangladesh, it has a neighbou[...]
On August 4 thus year, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi issued a new map of their country of which Jammu and Kashmir was the obvious[...]