Founding President of Zambia and a true friend of India, Dr Kenneth Kaunda passed away on June 17 at the age of 97. I was fortunate to have met him on two occasions and would like to share both those experiences. The first was in 1987 at Vancouver, which was the venue for the Commonwe[...]
It was precisely two decades back that Aamir Khan starrer Lagaan raised hopes of an Oscar that were dashed as it lost in the final round. But the film, now one of the classics was, and remains, much more than a film festival entry.   Two decades after it was released (on June 15, 2001[...]
Yes, PK should be thanked for expediting a decaying-course of political parties  for some years. With his engagement in seven states and with six different parties in less than a decade,  PK phenomena has signalled very effectively Certain vacuum in political leadership[...]
When outside powers walk in, however noble their objectives may be, but walk out, leaving a place in a holy mess, people suffer.  Some world events and their anniversaries are intrinsically connected. Nothing seems better linked than 9/11, the reason why the United States went to Afgh[...]
The United States’ decision to quit Afghanistan, inevitable as it has been, and assuming that it will be done by the new deadline of September 11 this year, will open a new chapter in the cold war in its new avatar. But more than that, in the historic “Great Game”. This Game begun cen[...]
Three beautiful women have rocked the world of the British royal family in the past century and more. There are certainly parallels between Wallis Simpson, who married Edward VII, and Princess Diana, who married future King Prince Charles. The third is Hollywood star Meghan Marke[...]
When farmers engaged in the ongoing agitation around Delhi and their supporters passionately recite Sahir Ludhianvi, one realises that the man who modestly called himself pal-do pal ka shayar lives on. He remains relevant, a century after his birth (March 8, 1921) and four decade[...]
When Nepal’s embattled Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli and some of his communist colleagues performed the unusual duty of praying at the historic Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, they received no enlightenment as to how to resolve the political crisis, mainly of their own making. Perh[...]
Pakistan’s entertainment industry, going by media reports, is increasingly conscious that political relations with India are unlikely to improve anytime soon, lengthening any prospects of collaborating with Bollywood. It’s a case of ‘Bollywood door ast’ (Bollywood is far away). Expect[...]
Tuhin Kanti Ghosh, president of the Indian Newspaper Society (1987-88) and Chairman of UNI (1984-86), passed away at his south Calcutta home on Wednesday. He was 73. Well known in print media circles, he had taken an active role in joining the Indian media to oppose the Rajiv Gandhi g[...]