Thirty years ago in 1991, it was on July 24, Dr Manmohan Singh, as the then Finance Minister, presented his first budget in the Lok Sabha, changing the course of the destiny of the[...]
Three beautiful women have rocked the world of the British royal family in the past century and more. There are certainly parallels between Wallis Simpson, who married Edward VII, [...]
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When Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and its alliance partners came to power in 2017 with a huge majority, many hoped that it would be a new b[...]
As thousands of Americans queued up to cast their votes, on the other side of the world on November 3, hundreds of people in  US Vice President Kamala  Harris’s  ancestral village [...]
IN the past few months India has debated who is better for India – Biden or President Trump? Now that Joe Biden presidency is certain how would a Biden administrati[...]
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