The Commonwealth Journalists Association mourns the demise of former President of India, HE Pranab Kumar Mukherjee. He passed away at 84, on the evening of August 31[...]
I can’t breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. And many others, in vast numbers gathered in masses to repeat the same. Louder and louder until they were heard. Until they [...]
Delhi based International award winning photographer Niraj Gera’s powerful photos capture mesmerizing love story of  visually impaired couple ” Sacred Love” [...]
The freedom fighter’s vision of a global federation of the future is still relevant today. Seven decades after the British left, a young Indian donning a hat uncharacteristica[...]
Ties between India and Bangladesh, South Asia’s closest neighbours, are up for consolidation as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visits New Delhi. She is scheduled to meet Prime Minist[...]
Arguably though, tea is India’s national drink. It is consumed in all corners of the country. Making it differs from region to region – even from family to family. A cup of tea tha[...]