I can’t breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. And many others, in vast numbers gathered in masses to repeat the same. Louder and louder until they were heard. Until they were heard and acknowledged all over the world. The American movement revolving around police brutality and racism gained momentum on a global forum. As protesters raised the slogan ‘Black lives matter’, others began to question the same. ‘Aren’t all lives important and valuable?’ Subsequently, the matter back home doesn’t seem to be much better. The death of a female elephant with her child in the womb stirred up mass agitation among Indians. After the elephant consumed the pineapple with crackers which was offered to her as a Trojan horse, articles and illustrations spread like wildfire concerning her death. The question arises: why this? Why now? This is not the first time an elephant has died as a consequence of wanton human actions. Neither is the first time a black man has been victimized by the police. Yet both occurrences could be rightly judged as the epitome of cruelty towards humans and animals. These instances show us how humans have reduced to become devoid of humanity.
For those who choose to learn a lesson from the recent incidents, the death of a 46 year old black man in Minneapolis and the death of a 15 year old female elephant in Kerala teaches us that all lives matter, wether it’s the life of a pregnant elephant or a dead migrant.

Written by: Oishi Ray

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